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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 6, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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did. do. you will want one will eye. meanwhile continues line it's friday much seventh and catherine polanski in tokyo. law makers in crimea has voted unanimously in favor of joining russia as the collections make up the majority of the population in the art on this ukrainian republic and anyone to move away from ukraine. lawmakers have said a referendum on the issue for march sixteen. in the parliament has made a historic decision to join
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russia. presence will be asked whether the supply situation. trained to become independent of the house whether they want to be included in the russian federation peace is illegitimate decision. and the so called referendum has no legal grown so tall lawmakers in the lower house of the russian parliament submitted a bill that would make it easier for territories to join my shack the bill would allow the annexation of the territory where people have expressed the will in a referendum to become part of russia. lawmakers are expected to start debating the measures next week president barack obama says the americans and their allies have to stand out for the principle of the state's sovereignty is as people or be on the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders the proposed referendum on the future premier would violate the ukrainian
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constitution. and violate international law. any discussion about the future of the complainant must include the legitimate government of ukraine. obama ordered sanctions on those responsible for the intervention in crimea including travel bans and asset freezes but his aides see the lisof people targeted as not being drawn up. european union leaders have brought in their own sanctions. they held an emergency summit in brussels and the invited ukraine's interim prime minister to join them. the leaders issued a statement claiming russia is violating ukraine sovereignty. they need to increase the pressure through three stages of sanctions marta suspended thompson granting rations and visa free travel within the block gas price in any of the negotiators to start talks within the next few days. they see they too will consider travel restrictions and asset freezes for russian officials and they say any further steps to de stabilize the situation would lead to
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far reaching consequences for relations with russia. you know make a monetary decisions in europe have also been keeping an eye on what's happening between russia and ukraine. the eurozone economy is already found out i didn't see the joins us now from the businesses in ways that us more about some of the concerns or cap and prices are rising as fast as officials looked like and the unemployment rate is high double digits in fact while the central bank is already demanding money at a record low so policymakers at the european central bank have decided to keep that key interest rates unchanged they want to see how economic trends in the eurozone will develop amid concerns over very low inflation the ecb board members gathered in frankfurt on thursday to drop monetary measures for the single currency bloc. they decided to keep the key interest rates unchanged of the current interest rate that is unchanged at the record low of zero point two five percent the economic situation across the eurozone remains
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friend child the unemployment rate remains high at twelve percent and inflation is low the consumer price index rose only two point eight percent in february. far below the ecb started of just under two percent. however the ecb president minute drive east and have a news conference after the policy meeting that some recent economic indicators have shown signs of manas recovery in the eurozone. he said he sees he does not find anyone to take any action it is time these negotiation a limo this week already. in the last quarter of last year with many trees in the gpo point three percent opted to put safety or as opposed to growth. the news that have come out since the last of my entry policy meeting. our old so. jose by a large on the positive sign. tardy added that the geo political
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tensions in ukraine should not have an immediate impact on the eurozone economy but could cause greater instability if the situation escalates. when this was for inquests by ecb president tried these comments that the eurozone economy is showing signs of recovery stocks in the us as higher on thursday that a consensus that the raid jobless claims also lifted sentiment on wall street the dow jones industrial average gained a little bit more than a third of a percent to end at sixteen thousand four hundred twenty one. meanwhile the snp closed at another record high for one the japanese might this was the beginning the epitaph the stock exchange. elaine good morning how markets starting the last trading day of the week the morning high stocks are trading higher here at the start of the session and now let's look at the opening levels for friday. my seventh he is still forty seven was the point eight percent no and fifteen thousandtwo
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hundred and fifty five and that's after the end that's the reality toward forty six percent to close and the highest level in five weeks on thursday when on the dt isabel and to deposit a funk this week and investors are expecting the benchmark index to an end of the fifty fifty thousand adults today and a broader topics is high here by zero point six nine percent so a positive start to trading this morning. not that field he added that under a lot of focus and my kids. kristen's of our ukraine at the phs somewhat east. but investors are still closely watching to see what will happen now decrying year has voted to join russia. and i kept me i al watching o o the onl employee of the shell new aznar farm payroll data due out leaving today to get a clearer picture of the us economy and now onto the train see my kids they
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you know is deemed teams either we get to see staff said the ecb decision to keep its key interest rate unchanged and now you'll dollar is at one twenty eight six one two two eight six three. and that hero is also a shopping high gear and deeds that yes you can see that you know there has not had one hundred and forty two point seven nine to keep fighting. and all i can as well. only it is now at one hundred and three point zero five two zero seven compared to the toll at one hundred and two level at him around the same time on thursday so maybe he and much we care and instead only a euro me see some support for japanese export to sydney and a bottle and put you might get as well the ati. alright you leave the salon for the coffee in the lead from the tokyo stock exchange. the nikkei up seven tenths of a percent so far this morning. what japanese consumers with a taste for the finer things in life are
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making a last minute splurge before prices go up there by expensive artworks to be a consumption tax hike that takes effect in april representatives from one hundred eighty japanese and overseas galleries are offering their works and art fair tokyo two thousand fourteen. the selling everything from antiques to contemporary items including three d pieces. and having no trouble finding buyers. in boston a three percent tax hike makes a big difference though i'd rather buy it now than after that takes effect organizers of japan's biggest art fair say trade has been brisk. they say people are keen to get their hands on expensive paintings and sculptures before the hike comes in. the fair runs through sunday. i'm more headlines korean business next hour. for now i'll leave you with the attack on the markets. the i mean. and
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one. a senior us official has called on china to address international concerns about this year's defense budget which is more than twelve percent larger than last year's leaders in beijing submitted this year's draft budget to the national people's congress on
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wednesday. defence spending has been increased to more than one hundred and thirteen billion dollars. the nation's defence budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since nineteen eighty nine. we continue to carefully monitor china's military developments and to encourage china to exhibit greater transparency with respect to its capabilities and intentions the psyche added that the united states else expressed concern in november when china set up an air defense identification zone of the east china sea with no prior notice. china does not offer a breakdown of its defence budget analysts believe the spending plan does not include research and developing cars or foreign purchases of defence equipment. this portrait of the communist china's founder mao zedong in beijing's tiananmen square as important the new vandalized with a black hole like material workers used ladders to clean the point is while police of this is restricted access to the area
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the chinese government's anti government web site posted a message that said the man was seen patrolling of black people like material on to the portraits. i met him as a seven man in his twenties to the eighties was seen wrestled to the ground by a policeman and taken away due to the national people's congress taking place in beijing. security is tighter than usual. however protesters was seen distributing flyers critic on the government's. one of the consequences of china's rapid development is a widening wealth gap and in the past year present she jean king and his administration. measures to try to narrow its reforming education in china's rule areas is one of the issues being addressed in the national people's congress. but as age he was pretty hilly and alonso found out some measures and actually made it more difficult for children to get to class. village is home to four hundred people. deep in
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the mode to soft goal to provence. it's a tool and draw life to the new mr the ability to stay at the old elementary school there were thirty two stepping. last year it will still go i think it's no trouble none of this kuku and i hope you readers only. no contest rules. takes me over an hour to get to school. you which is the cute card for little ones to travel so far that which is the god especially in the rain or cold weather. the medieval period. you talk to students my teachers. the kitchen still going strong. sue from tucson today. the government notably the school two weeks equally futile for the kitchen. the ten years since then the number of elementary school in goal area stroll by hall. need to
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live in villages that awful from the new school. the old old thinks couldn't move the weekend of fall and into total. the court noted that it was too poor to make the long journey from the village through the balkans for the role using what little savings tree that grew into the room and the converted barn. i love studying. because there is no risk. she does her homework or bad. no no. and you know. i don't read yet she can be its goal is to
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see bolt. it t. this great lite cafe we going to last year they fulfilled for old money from relatives hayden's parents the elite or assistance. given that the finances to help. in chile to school recruit them to the geo group that provides affordable fortunate to go to school to see the pictures from our own to come. but true. the minister said so you move to town for your daughter of a test. yes coincidence that the summit of the follow up she's too small to walk on our mountain areas on our own. during all their situation. diageo who agrees to prevent progress they will get about one hundred sixty us dollars a
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year until he finishes on a mandatory education. i'm eight years. now choose to either of those fruits that decision. my child will be better off in the future. she goes to school. last week an elementary school. fall is here. although the government has yet to see you. usually you'd be. i have seen so many cases like this for the families who are in difficulty with parents who are sick to go. just like tinsel will mean every year we interviewed three to four thousand or ten k on defense attorney. all in all the families in poor areas education is seen as the only way to escape the was it true that it could be the lifeline for the future each year old del mobile will have a tear will go to the province china the am
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the admission of one point from him. this percentage soon soon soon begin to see their annual national people's congress. aggressive in cheek jumping fences along with the challenge. don't miss our special coverage utah. yes iris and tokyo are hoping to train some crumbs not all things known in japan into money making is its tenancy was vegetables mix ingredients in italian and french cuisine and several staff say the audience as the right times to the dishes an unusual type of italian brocolli known as luminous goal. come along in all four black cabbage is a traditional favorite from the tuscany region. and a
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rare sight to be known in japan as google. these are all typically european vegetables but they were grown in saitama just north of tokyo there's a new generation of farmers and pass instead of just cultivating traditional produce their growing more exotic varieties and their team to supply ships in the big city. with my kids to find out what the symbols you're interested in. seeking your shooting because allah is the leader of this group of young farmers that he visits local hotels and restaurants to hear what sort of dishes the chefs want to serve the kinds of vegetables thingy. i think this would be great in a showman. no real gain. everybody says the situation is very tall full time is right though but i think the possibilities are infinite. he hopped a cab to the needs of the people of
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color blind and using apologies to my soul. growing these kinds of vegetables in japan isn't easy the environment and humidity temperature and soil are very different from a new era the italian families tasty and silence and casseroles but it's a plant that is sensitive to cold. was i lined his group have tried growing them in different ways. some with a thin cover and some without. to see how well each did. we still ended up against the week hollywood strike to replicate the conditions on to italy easter at the end just going to see how the going to term he's the only approach. i recently was ally and his team dropped into a restaurant in their area to show the shaft some of the produce their harvesting up. google. usually global beads are from. because this
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one grew through the winter it's a lot smaller the farmers are keen for some feedback on the flavor of us. he runs a small little guy not that it's easy to use i had opened with a google reveals its beautiful pattern thus with this tool is great i've never seen him with such a beautiful fountain the crew susan for this season and take a long time to mature. i think the cold peas was coaxed into folds out to be a top ten. bus noah looks on as the customer is trying to bristol's he's grown. he's keen to see their reactions one has seen above. this kind of beat is an unusual european vegetable called google wave is kermit summers
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here inside summer. it's nice and crisp. the cold climate in japan helps to draw out the inherent sweetness. for sal and his fellow farmers are starting to see their produce definitely has potential. i think that i was to get the treat and in the tomb to see joe cole students. i think we can co lead to success. cause i was team has passed the first test. now they've set their sights on supplying their vegetables to the most demanding form a marketable tokyo. i know. it's an outside chance know that the weather people in tokyo i see sunny skies but it's a quite a different story from residents in northern japan geologists and calmly
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explains. sadly my temper and blizzard conditions are happening over at the northern island of japan hokkaido. this was the scene earlier this morning in the place. you can barely see anything. fierce winds and heavy snow i think in hokkaido now forty centimeter of snow in cost of about one critic on this power had been reported. many of those had been closed. ferry services were canceled and several people have been evacuated that conditions will remain on the sandstone same sign sb carrington exit and flowers risen into the weekend. they have a strong low pressure system to the north and as you can see the lines of very very close to each other very strong winds are blowing really we have a snow storm warnings in place within western areas up to forty centimeters of snow is likely into tomorrow morning cost could be about one hundred twenty six km are enough to topple many trees and leaves are going to be up to five meters and as for the jose area over the west then fine from the toukley into
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the chair the region. there is incredible and still continuing into two weekends a very dangerous conditions the next couple of days for the northern areas in the western areas. but for the pacific side of japan including ten q and try and probably would have to try near advisories to sit for in many areas. trial there was a toasted for the south korean finance ninety two trial weather and motion abt try with a for the northern half of time as well. their brain is once again developing on the southern corner of the china that temperatures are going to be quite chilly compared to when they skip it this time of year for most of the continent. only sixteen in hong kong ten degrees in shanghai and fine and still despite the sunshine and tell her it's going to be the coolest thing of the week when seven degrees. now let's go to the america as you can see the big climbs right here this is a classic indicating various ideal conditions are happening underneath that we have a couple of tornado reports in florida and strong winds as well as spend our
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way into the next several hours the threat of severe weather including tornadoes large hail will continue into tonight across the southern tip of the florida peninsula and the stars the north and the ones that are grateful for the northern areas. now on friday the precipitation one due to the north east and threats in the city and under stones and a large scale one not existing here but once that had the stars the likely for this area. now across the northwest precipitation is going on. add some improvement is likely for the coastal areas and no precipitation finally over northern areas of california asked if he is there a couple of the more storms the one here will provide up to thirty centimeters of snow for the central parts of the rockies and light snow for the us canada border temperatures are on the one sign across the north last ten degrees and then every eleven in seattle and winding up significantly on your friday across the north and east finally up to seven degrees in washington dc and jumping up to seven this
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chick and on the last day of the business week. finally over europe and not much change since yesterday. very messy picture over the north across the south as well here's the spread of the thunder showers across the southern areas to make a leap to the balkan peninsula but in the middle of high pressure suspense is building creating nights and the warm temperatures frontiers extended forecast. i wound. i knew the eye. our. tests
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the story to share with you before we tell people who list is a disaster in northeastern japan nearly three
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